Headlight Team Progressing on VDOT Form Development

How many people remember the promise that computers will reduce paper? While that may be true in some walks of life, particularly in filing documents, that has not been the case in the highway construction industry. Only in the last few years have digital platforms and documents become more common.

As mentioned in the October Asphalt News, VAA and HeadLight have partnered to develop Headlight’s Spotlight software to digitize several Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) test log (TL) forms related to density testing and tack coat application rates. These paper TL forms will be converted into Smartforms in the web-based application. Paving superintendents will use the Headlight platform to document project information; density technicians will use the newly created Smartforms to collect, report and store data required by VDOT in the specifications quality assurance program.

Currently, HeadLight is modifying the Smartforms under an agreement with VAA. During the Mid-Atlantic Asphalt Expo and Conference several of the Smartforms will be demonstrated to attendees. The rollout of the Virginia-specific Smartforms is projected to be early March 2022. In addition, VAA members licensing the Headlight application will receive training on the the technology. According to VAA President Trenton Clark, this is a project years in the making.

“We approached HeadLight (then known as Pavia Systems) about partnering with industry to collect more data digitally in 2015. The timing was not right then, but now we can foster a program that will have tremendous value to our members. Besides collecting and reporting the information required by specification, members will be able to evaluate the compactability of their mixes, the interaction of various paving and compaction equipment combinations on final density, and road condition impacts on density—just to name a few scenarios. This will be useable information, not just sheets of paper in a box. Ultimately, this effort fits into the association’s mission to increase the quality of asphalt pavement. I am super excited to see this project moving forward.”

Plan on attending MAAE in person or virtually to learn more about HeadLight’s Smartforms. VAA members are encouraged to reach out to David Lee (dlee@vaasphalt.com) for more information and how to secure an application license.