Hall of Fame: Not Just for Athletes

In 2021, VAA Vice Chairman Chris Blevins and a team of other board members proposed the VAA Hall of Fame. At the August board of directors meeting, the board approved changes to the by-laws to establish an Asphalt Hall of Fame. Initially called “Lifetime Member” in the association’s by-laws, the language was very narrow. It did not allow recognition of individuals outside of the contractor category as contributors to the asphalt industry. Therefore, the Hall of Fame committee has met several times since May 2021 to develop language that recognizes anyone who made significant contributions to the asphalt industry. These individuals may be in other parts of the asphalt industry, academia or government.

Starting immediately, VAA will be accepting nomination forms from any VAA member company. The deadline is December 31, 2021. The nomination form must be accompanied by an editorial from the submitter describing the individual’s significant contributions. All nominations will be evaluated and voted upon by VAA’s Board of Directors. Each company can only nominate one person, and no more than three people will be elected in a given year.

What does an Asphalt Hall of Fame inductee receive? First, they will be honored or memorialized in VAA’s office. Second, they and their family will be invited to attend the VAA Annual Meeting. In 2022, that meeting will be held at Charleston Place in Charleston, SC. Finally, a gift will be provided to those honored as a sign of appreciation for their efforts in the asphalt industry.

The nomination form can be found on the VAA website. We look forward to reading your nominations.