FHWA & VDOT Host E-Ticketing Peer Exchange

Members Scott Shorb (Superior Paving Corp), David Bradeson (Chemung Contracting Corp) and VAA Vice President David Lee participated in a two-day e-Ticketing Peer Exchange with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The meeting was held at VDOT’s central office and included participants from VDOT, FHWA, VAA, VTCA, Delaware, Iowa and Pennsylvania. The meeting started with an FHWA lead discussion on the Everyday Counts initiative. Next, each state presented its practice related to e-Ticketing, followed by numerous stakeholder assessments. Industry offered that Virginia is ahead of the curve relating to e-Ticketing, with many asphalt and aggregate producers already utilizing this technology.

The meeting concluded with a panel discussion facilitated by Robbie Williams, VDOT Assistant State Construction Engineer, regarding the Roadmap Development for e-Ticketing in Virginia. Member David Bradeson sat on the panel and communicated Chemung’s experience and VAA’s promotion of the technology over the past few years.