District Asphalt Co-Op Season is in Full Swing

What is your favorite happening in November? For many people, November marks the start of the deer hunting season in Virginia. Another November favorite is feasting with the Thanksgiving meal. And not to be forgotten is the district asphalt co-op meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity for both VDOT and contractors to talk about what went well during the paving season, what areas could use improvement, and what to expect in the coming year. Unlike the statewide asphalt co-op that focuses on specification review and development, district co-ops concentrate on local programs.

First out of the gate for district co-ops was the Richmond District on November 18. Under the leadership of VDOT District Materials Engineer Tommy Schinkel and Colony Construction Vice President Harry King, the in-person meeting covered topics ranging from paving progress to pavement markings to planned tonnage in 2022. Following the Richmond District was Salem District on December 1 under the direction of District Materials Engineer Travis Higgs. Many of the same topics covered in Richmond were reviewed in the Salem meeting. Since VAA Vice President David Lee attended both, he shared the conversation held in Richmond to help ensure consistent messaging on topics common around the state. In both meetings, Lee presented the progress of the Headlight Smartforms project being sponsored by VAA. VDOT’s materials division covered the asphalt spec changes for the 2022 paving season. VDOT’s construction division discussed the vision for e-ticketing in the future. Instead of a myriad of applications, VDOT desires the development of a uniform process. They envision contractors using software that will feed data to a cloud management system that project inspectors can retrieve.

Staunton and NOVA districts hosted asphalt co-ops in December. These districts discussed similar topics as Richmond and Salem; however, Staunton and NOVA also touched on incentives paid out and planned tonnages. In January, Lynchburg District hosts a co-op, and the Culpeper and Fredericksburg Districts anticipate meetings in March.

Contact David Lee (dlee@vaasphalt.com), Trenton Clark (tclark@vaasphalt.com) or your district materials engineer to learn more about district co-ops. Each meeting includes numerous presentations and notes beneficial to contractors and VDOT field personnel.