Did You Use Fast Forward Funds to Pay for Credentialing Classes? Use It or Lose It!

Several years ago, Governor McAuliffe signed a bill to provide funding for individuals seeking a professional credential. This program, known as Fast Forward, would break a credentialing fee into thirds—the individual or company would pay the first third, the state would pay the second third, and the final third would be paid by the state once the credential is received. This program had several restrictions, including a required Virginia residency. Another requirement in the program outlined how many times the funds could be used on an individual credential. Students who do not earn a credential for a class in which Fast Forward funding was applied will not be allowed to use the funds to retake the class. Likewise, if a student signs up for a class in a calendar year and does not complete the class, they will not be allowed to use the funds in subsequent years. The moral of the story is this—once you sign up for a class, complete it and earn the credential. Otherwise, the next time you take the class, you will be paying full price.

If you have any questions regarding the VECAT program and Fast Forward (today, Fast Forward is part of the G3 program), please contact Judith Calvert at Germanna Community College.