Dalrymple and Clark Named to Infrastructure Training Academy Steering Committee

For more than a year, VAA and sister transportation associations Heavy Construction Contractors Association (HCCA), Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) and Old Dominion Highway Contractors Association (ODHCA) have discussed approaches to address the workforce shortage crisis. While each association has programs through partnerships with Virginia community colleges to address parts of the training needs, such as VECAT and the Heavy Equipment Operator program, they do not address the larger workforce shortage with overall infrastructure. A quick review of positions advertised by contractors in Virginia includes roles such as mechanics, general laborers and truck drivers. In general, every role in the transportation industry is in demand.

Through the leadership of past VAA Chairman Ed Dalrymple Jr., conversations with Virginia Community College System’s Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development Randy Stamper. Dalrymple is a member of the VCCS Board and is very passionate about technical training and education. They discussed the workforce need and how VCCS and industry could partner to address the shortage. Over a series of meetings, a team from VCCS and industry was formed, and in November, a Steering Committee for the Infrastructure Training Academy was seated. Both Dalrymple and VAA president Trenton Clark were named to the Academy’s Steering Committee.

VTCA Executive Vice President Gordon Dixon and HCCA Executive Director Debora Harvey were also tapped to be on the committee. The Chairman of the Steering Committee is Ken Garrison, former executive director of HCCA. Through his leadership and partnership with Lord Fairfax Community College, the Heavy Equipment Operators program was established.

More information on Infrastructure Training Academy will be provided through various communications in the coming months. Assistance by industry will be crucial in making this program successful. Stay tuned.