CTB approves new pavement performance measures

At the December 2019 Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting, a resolution was read and passed, changing the pavement performance measures on the primary and secondary routes systems. After extensive analysis by VDOT, changes were made that incorporated traffic and levels of service by functional class. For the primary and secondary system, a traffic level threshold was incorporated, and performance targets changed. Both systems will be evaluated and separated at a traffic level of 3,500 vehicles per day (vpd). For primary routes with more than 3,500 vpd, the performance target of 82% lane mileage with a Critical Condition Index (CCI) of 60 or higher did not change. However, for routes less than 3,500 vpd, the performance target was lowered to 75%. As for secondary routes, the overall target of 65% was changed. Secondary routes with more than 3,500 vpd will have the same target as primary routes – 82%. This reflects the need to provide higher service levels with higher traffic routes independent of functional class. The performance target for low traffic routes on the secondary system was reduced to 60%.

To read the full resolution or see the presentations related to performance targets, visit the CTB website and look at the September, November, and December meeting minutes and presentations.