BMD Training Starts in January

The 2022 maintenance paving season will see a considerable increase in contracts containing balanced mix design (BMD) tonnage. Unlike the 2021 schedules, where only five districts advertised projects with BMD surface mixes, all nine districts are advertising contracts with BMD for 2022. This will grow the production BMD tonnage from just over 70,000 to over 250,000 in 2022.

District *Planned 2022 Tonnage
Bristol 16,002
Salem 83,420
Lynchburg 24,770
Richmond 45,788
Hampton Roads 11,440
Fredericksburg 27,000
Culpeper 17,167
Staunton 9,796
NOVA 26,639
Total Tons 262,022

*Anticipated as of December 2, 2021.

With this significant increase, more contractors and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) districts will produce and test these mixes. Therefore, a team of VAA,  VDOT, Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) and Germanna Community College (GCC) employees was formed to develop and provide BMD training classes. These classes include VTRC, VAA and VDOT instructors covering specifications and testing procedures. Part of the class will be hands-on testing for students who bring specimens. Due to the number of students, each student will be asked to bring IDT-CT, IDT-RT and Cantabro specimens. If students don’t bring specimens, they will not be able to participate in the hands-on portion of the class. The class will wrap up with a certification exam. Students passing the exam will receive a certificate issued by GCC.

Given the number of people expressing interest in the BMD class, the team plans to host four different sessions between January and March. Each class will be two half-day sessions, and students must register through the GCC website.

Make your plans today and reserve your hotel room if necessary. See you in class!