BMD Training for 2022

Germanna Community College, Virginia Department of Transportation and VAA will partner in developing and delivering the Initial Balanced Mix Design Implementation Training. While the final format is in the early development stages, the course will generally be broken into three phases. The first phase will be an online prerequisite course through GCC’s Canvas platform. This phase will cover BMD evolution, an overview of design and testing processes, and VDOT’s BMD specifications. Phase 2 will follow with a one-day in-person class. This class will review the Phase 1 materials, answer questions from the students and prepare the student for the Phase 3 hands-on laboratory class. Phase 3 will consist of all hands-on laboratory instruction. The lab phase will cover proper sample preparation and laboratory testing for the IDT, Cantabro and High-Temperature IDT tests. After successful completion of the course and the knowledge check exam, the student will receive a certificate. Much work is yet to be done. Be on the lookout for more information in our News Center!