Allan Myers Takes Home the 2020 Golden Lute Award

There was a new company winner for the coveted VAA Golden Lute Award for the third year in a row. Great projects in each of the seven categories were paved during the first year of COVID, ranging from runways to interstates to bridges/tunnels. COVID presented numerous challenges, the greatest of which was companies and owners keeping their employees safe and healthy from an emerging virus.

During the Mid-Atlanta Asphalt Expo and Conference 2021, Virginia Department of Transportation State Materials Engineer Andy Babish recognized Virginia Paving Company and Superior Paving Corporation for winning the statewide Construction and Maintenance Paving awards, respectively. Virginia Paving provided the paving on the Shirley Contracting project on I-95 northbound in Stafford County. As part of a bridge replacement and interchange improvement project, VDOT’s Fredericksburg District decided to include repaving mainline I-95. The excellent ride and density values in a congested area made this project an award winner. In the Staunton District, Superior Paving was recognized for resurfacing US 211 in Page County. Similar to Virginia Paving, Superior Paving provided excellent ride numbers, consistent passing density results, a uniform surface and straight, longitudinal joints.

After Babish’s presentation, VAA Director Mike Dudley described the five Virginia’s Best award winners. Branscome, Inc. took home two awards. The first for their runway paving at Richmond International Airport (RIC). The second award was in the Commercial Paving category for the Scannell Willis Road Distribution Center. The Green Paving award went to S.L. Williamson in Charlottesville. They placed two layers of porous asphalt at The Blake at Oakleigh for stormwater management purposes. The Municipal Paving award winner went to Virginia Paving Company. Virginia Paving performed work on various streets and roads for the City of Fairfax. Challenges included traffic, curb and gutter, and brick crosswalks.

Virginia’s Best Roadway award and the Golden Lute award went to Allan Myers for their efforts on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel (CBBT). VAA Chairman David Horton announced the winner at the end of MAAE. CBBT presented a host of challenges. Besides removing the existing surface and repairing deteriorated joints and decking, Allan Myers had to contend with the changing climate over the water of the Chesapeake Bay. Sunny days on shore could be met with high winds and fog on the bridge. If that wasn’t enough, the project called for a highly polymer modified asphalt surface with strict density requirements to minimize permeability. Ultimately, Allan Myers completed the project with quality. The surface was smooth, the mat was uniform, and the density was achieved. Several competitors of Allan Myers commented on the project’s outcome, a true reflection on the final product. Allan Myers’ project team was presented with Golden Lute crystals, a project photo and their name added to the Golden Lute trophy.

Congratulations to Allan Myers and all the companies recognized for their outstanding work in 2020.