Airfield paving clinic addresses new standard

The Asphalt Institute recently hosted the Airfield Paving Clinic at the Wirtgen Training Facility in Antioch, TN. Attended by industry experts, practitioners and individuals new to airfield paving, the course focused on P-401 and the associated recent changes in the new standard.

Designated as AC 150/5370-10H, the new standard has some significant changes from the previous version (-10G). Some of the changes are relatively simple such as improved minimum lift thickness guidance; others are more complex like a new loaded wheel test (APA) requirement for mix design. There was also discussion regarding some adjustments in the P-403 allowances. One such change raises the threshold for the use of state highway specifications for pavements supporting aircraft less than 30,000 lbs.

Another important highlight was a greater emphasis on contractor quality control requirements. There are several new requirements in this area, including the fact that contractor QC is now a separate pay item.

Changes such as these can be far-reaching and must not be overlooked when preparing for an FAA/Airfield project. Look for more detailed information regarding these changes soon.