A Seamless Solution to Data Collection: HeadLight Smartforms

Will Jourdan, Director of Business Development, HeadLight

The Virginia Asphalt Association, in partnership with HeadLight, is proud to announce HeadLight Smartforms, the digitization of several VDOT forms related to density testing and tack coat application rates. Smartforms not only automates calculations but incorporates pictures for complete project documentation.

HeadLight Smartforms allows your field technicians to complete their testing in the field through a robust technology that reduces error by automating field input and calculations. HeadLight Smartforms has built-in digital signatures for form submission compliance without messy paperwork. VDOT forms can be submitted via email from the field and your field data is stored indefinitely for easy searchability within the HeadLight browser-based portal.

The HeadLight Smartforms solution performs the calculations needed to determine the final payment based on field density, optimizing compaction operations to not only ensure receiving full payment but an additional density bonus as well. Using the pictures and spatial referencing capabilities available through HeadLight Smartforms will help track long-term mix and pavement performance. Having the density information combined with asphalt mix properties and paving train set-up will improve overall quality.

Besides collecting and reporting the information required by specification, through HeadLight Smartforms VAA members will be able to evaluate the compactability of their mixes, the interaction of various paving and compaction equipment combinations on final density, and road condition impacts on density, just to name a few scenarios. Over time the learnings from your nuclear density data will enable you to improve your results by understanding the factors that stand in the way of success. Ultimately, the investment in HeadLight Smartforms fits into the association’s mission to increase the quality of asphalt pavement.

HeadLight Smartforms runs on the same technology platform as HeadLight Fieldbook, a visual-based inspection technology that leverages the power of photo, video and narrative observations to build a complete picture of a project. Immediate access to data improves communications between field and office teams and gives a fact-based, data-driven representation of what’s happening on a project to all stakeholders, increasing efficiency and reducing project risk.

HeadLight products are iOS-based apps that work on Apple devices, where the iPad is the preferred type of device. HeadLight leases iPads so let us know if you are interested in that program option. Each user needs a license and associated login credentials to sign in to the app. Only one user can be logged into a device at any given time. Users can share a device but not at the same time so you could use one device for day and night shift. Internet access or cellular connectivity is required for Smartforms but is not required for Fieldbook functionality, as data captured in Fieldbook is stored locally and can sync when back in a connected environment.

Contact HeadLight for more information: www.headlight.com/contact